They understood my company and my needs

Suzie from Sample Law Firm was not the first attorney I worked with as I was starting my business. That's a big part of why I can confidently recommend Sample Law Firm – they're not all the same, trust me. The first lawyer I hired actually slowed my growth – creating any contract seemed to require endless in-person meetings that I simply did not have time for, and that firm didn't seem to think a tech startup was any different from a steel mill. A business is a business, right? No!

Suzie was a breath of fresh air. She was there when I needed her, understood the challenges I was facing, and was always there with a solution. She even jumped on Zoom with me at 9:30 pm – I found a grant my business might be eligible for, but I had to apply by midnight. Suzie was intimately familiar with the funding organization, and gave me valuable advice for crafting the proposal – and I won the grant! If you're looking to start a tech business in Pittsburgh, look no further!

– Lorenzo Rodriguez